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Our voiceover fees:

As RibbleFM is a not for profit organisation, our presenters have kindly agreed that their voiceover talent can be purchased to commerical customers at mininmal cost. Studio hire, scripting services, creative writing, production and character direction are also included within our very reasonable fees.

We also offer discounts to local companies based in the Ribble Valley area, so please don't hestitate to contact us if you have a requirement from telephone answering services through to television advertising and documentaries.

Please contact Lee Roe at

RibbleFM has a voice talent pool of experienced voice actors and narrators. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to produce your commercial, educational and industrial voiceover projects and will provide your clients with a professional sounding voiceover to fit any brief. 


Listen to our voiceover samples.

Kath Lord Green voice samples

Lee Roe voice samples

Liz Catlow voice samples

Bonnie Anne voice samples

Fiona Kinloch voice samples

Tom Watts voice samples

Morgan Roe voice samples

Andrew Hegarty voice samples

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